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  • The Importance and Benefits of Small Business Marketing - Blog
    By marketing their business effectively, small businesses can reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and generate leads and sales.
  • Tax and Accounting Services - Corporate
    CG Incorporations are expert Tax Consultants & Certified Accountants providing expert UK tax and non-uk residents accounting services for limited companies.
  • Starting a Business in the UK - Blog
    Starting a business in the UK can be a daunting task, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. The UK has a thriving business community and a supportive government, making it a great place to start your own business.
  • Can a Non-Resident Start a Business in the UK - Blog
    The UK is a popular destination for businesses of all sizes, and non-residents are just as welcome to start a business there as UK residents, form your UK company today.
  • What is a company formation agent - Blog
    A company formation agent is an independent company that helps new businesses form their companies with Companies House, the official registrar of companies in the UK.
  • How to Start a Business in the UK as a Foreign National - Blog
    If you're a foreign national who wants to start a business in the UK, there are a few things you need to know, start your non-UK resident company formation today.
  • When it's a good idea to form a limited company - Blog
    A limited company is a type of business structure that has its own legal identity, separate from its owners (shareholders) and managers (directors).
  • Why use a company formation agent - Blog
    A company formation agent is an independent service provider that can help you set up various types of companies online, such as limited by shares, limited by guarantee, or limited liability partnership.
  • Nominee Director - Corporate
    We provide Company Formation with Nominee Director and Nominee Director Services for company owners wanting anonymity or identity protection and for non-UK resident company registration where a UK Resident Director is required.
  • How to Form a UK Company as a US Resident: A Step-by-Step Guide - Blog
    Are you a US resident looking to expand your business horizons by setting up a company in the UK? With the right guidance, you can have your UK company up and running in no time.
  • How to register as an overseas company - Blog
    By registering as an overseas company, you can benefit from the UK's favourable business environment, access to markets, and legal protection.
  • Can I Set Up a Limited Company if I Have a Criminal Record - Blog
    If you have a criminal record, you may be wondering if you can set up a limited company. The good news is that, in most cases, you can.
  • How to Set Up a Business from a Hobby - Blog
    Many people have hobbies that they enjoy and excel at, but what if you could turn your hobby into a profitable business? This is a simple guide on how to start a business doing what you love.
  • Setting Up a UK Company as a Non-Resident Entrepreneur - Blog
    Find out everything you need to know about starting a UK company as a non-resident entrepreneur and the benefits and challenges of forming your own UK company from overseas.
  • Why register for VAT as a UK company director? - Blog
    VAT (value added tax) is a tax that businesses charge on the sale of goods and services in the UK. If you are a company director or shareholder, you may be wondering whether you need to register for VAT, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing so.
  • Navigating International VAT A Guide for Cross-Border Transactions - Blog
    As businesses increasingly operate across borders, understanding Value Added Tax (VAT) becomes crucial. This article helps you understand VAT as a non-resident director.
  • The Role of Nominee Directors in UK Company Formation - Blog
    When starting or owning a UK company, you might consider appointing a nominee director. But what exactly is a nominee director, and what role do they play?
  • Navigating UK Accounting as a Non-Resident Company Owner - Blog
    The UK tax system can be complex, especially for non-resident company directors. You need to be aware of several tax obligations and ensure you have an accounting service that makes your business tax efficient.
  • Anonymous Ownership: Using Nominee Directors in the UK - Blog
    In this blog post, we delve into the concept of nominee directors, their benefits, and how they contribute to anonymous ownership.
  • Using a Nominee Director to Set Up a UK Amazon Seller Account - Blog
    Setting up an Amazon seller account in the UK can be a lucrative venture, especially for non-residents. One effective strategy to simplify the process and enhance privacy is by using a nominee director.
  • Accounting Services for Non-UK Resident Company Owners - Blog
    As a non-UK resident company owner, navigating the complexities of UK accounting and tax regulations can be challenging. However, with the right accounting services, you can ensure compliance, minimize tax liability, and focus on growing your business.
  • Why start a UK company as a foreign entrepreneur? - Blog
    The UK is one of the most attractive and welcoming destinations for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a business.
  • Can Non-UK Residents Form a UK Company? - Blog
    Yes, non-UK residents can form a UK company. There are no restrictions on nationality or location when forming a limited company in the UK. This means that anyone, regardless of where they live, can register a UK company.
  • Why Forming a UK Company as a Non-Resident is a Good Idea - Blog
    The United Kingdom is one of the most attractive and profitable places to do business in the world. Even if you are a Non-UK resident you can still form a UK company and access the UK marketplace.
  • How to Form a UK Company as a Non-UK Resident - Blog
    The United Kingdom is a popular destination for businesses of all sizes, and non-UK residents can also form UK companies.
  • UK Company Formation - Corporate
    As a Companies House authorised formation agent, we can ensure your UK Company Formation is simple & your Ltd Company setup ready to trade. Register Company UK with bank account & London registered office address.
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