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Legalise your corporate documents with our Apostille and Legalisation Service.

Get your documents legalised using out UK Corporate Apostille and Legalisation Service.

Apostille and Legalisation Service

An Apostille is an official Government issued certificate attached by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office to documents so that they can be recognised when presented in another country that is part of the Apostille convention. Such certificates are often required by people for several reasons, including.

  • Establishing an overseas contract or business venture
  • Travelling to study overseas
  • Travelling to work oversea

The majority of institutions around the world will need you to validate your documents and will probably ask you to provide an apostille certificate before they will accept them. Yet because the public in general are often unaware that such a document is necessary, or are unfamiliar with the process of acquiring an apostille certificate, it can make obtaining one difficult. Firstly, for anyone not in the know, it can be a very arduous, tiresome operation, often fraught with difficulties.

This is where we can help! CG Incorporations will take the burden of acquiring an apostille certificate from your shoulders, taking care of all that is necessary to get your documents certified, along with an apostille certificate. We’ll skilfully plough through all the administrative and diplomatic red tape so you don’t have to, making your life far easier in the process.

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How does it work?

First and foremost we’ll need to be satisfied that your document is ready to be legalised. This is for several reasons.

  • Not all documents qualify automatically for an apostille certificate.
  • A variety of documents might have to be certified by a solicitor or before they will qualify for an apostille certificate.
  • Some documents may need to be original as some copies of documents cannot be apostilled.

However, we are well qualified to advise you on what to do to get your documents legalised, based on your specific needs.

We can get your company documents certified by a solicitor or a notary and get them apostilled. We can also help you obtain Certificate of Good Standing for your company and get it apostilled.

So why choose us?

We, at CG Incorporations Limited, pride ourselves on providing a truly quality service to our clients. We will save you the leg work needed to get your documents legalised and ensure your apostille certificate is delivered to you without any hassle on your part.

We will keep you informed every step of the way and our dedicated team will ensure that everything is done on time, in the fastest, most efficient way. We aim to process and legalise your documents with the least fuss possible, and get them back to you quickly, subject to the time it takes for the government to process applications.

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