UK Nominee Director services, UK Nominee Services for non-residents.

UK Nominee Shareholder, Nominee Director services for a UK Company

Nominee Services for UK companies & non-residents.

Nominee Director & Nominee Shareholder Services

In the United Kingdom, it is a requirement of company law that information (name, address, occupation and date of appointment) on the company officers and shareholders must be registered in the public files of the Companies Registry. We offer Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder services for this. The nominees name is filed with the Companies Registry so that anyone performing a company search would see the nominees name on the company records.

However it is important to understand that the nominees have no control over the company and we do not actually get involved in the management of the company. You will still need to perform the duties of running your company. The Nominee Services we provide are for administration purposes only.

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UK Nominee Director: From £500 per annum

We appoint our UK resident nominee to serve as a director in your place. After setting up the company, we provide a Director Appointment and Indemnification Agreement to the client defining the limitations of our role as a nominee director and also authorising them to deal with the day to day running of the business and management of the company's activities.

The nominees will be used for the public record only with Companies House and for the signing of accounts and for the initial setting up of a bank account (if bought with the bank account package).

The nominee does not enter into any other operations of the company.

We provide you with Power of Attorney, stating that you have unlimited authority to act for the company and are the beneficial owner(s) of the company.

The following conditions apply to all Nominee Director services:

  • We receive the proof of identity and proof of address (utility bill/bank statement not older than 3 months) on the beneficial owner. 
  • We will need to know reasons for requiring a Nominee Director
  • We will need to know the nature of the business. Please note that if your company is finance/cryptocurrency related, then we do not provide this service.

We can also offer nominee director service exclusively for your company so nominee will not take any other appointments. Prices  start from £2500 pa and depend on the nature of business and turnover.

UK Nominee Shareholder: £200 per annum

We appoint one of our nominees to serve as a shareholder in your place. It is important to understand that in our capacity as a nominee shareholder we hold no rights over the shares of the company, we therefore provide a Declaration of Trust to the client confirming that we hold the shares in trust on behalf of the beneficial owner and deal with the shares only in accordance with the instructions of the owner, and that the owner can take the shares back at any time they wish.

You can terminate the nominees when you wish but you will need to notify us in writing.

Please note that we are registered for vat so all our prices are subject to 20% vat (unless you are based outside Europe or have an EU vat number).

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