We provide fast, low cost Offshore Company Formation and Offshore Company Registration services in all jurisdictions worldwide.

We are a reliable and experienced offshore formation agent specialising in Ireland and Seychelles entities. If you are interested in other jurisdictions contact us.

Simply defined, the term "Offshore Company" refers to a company which is incorporated outside the jurisdiction of its primary operations. There are many advantages to offshore company formation, primarily allowing you to increase the profitability of your business and operate your company from a low tax jurisdiction or "tax haven".

We provide professional offshore company formation services in any jurisdiction & can incorporate in most jurisdictions within 24-hours, if you do not see the jurisdiction you are looking for please contact us.

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Offshore jurisdictions:

We provide offshore company formation in the following jurisdictions:

*** Incorporation of offshore companies includes registered address and agent for the first year and the necessary documents, Fees do not include courier and official company seal.

The advantages of offshore company formation:

  1. Offshore companies are attractive for tax planning purposes. You can reduce your taxes or pay less income tax if your company is incorporated properly
  2. Offshore formation can allow your company to become a tax-free company, provided it does not conduct its business in the jurisdiction in which it was incorporated
  3. An offshore company is only charged UK tax on UK income. Foreign incomes such as foreign rental income, foreign trading income and foreign investment income can be avoided
  4. An offshore company can be used to reduce capital gains tax
  5. Offshore companies offer asset protection from lawsuits and risk management
  6. Offshore companies and nominee services ensure confidentiality is maintained
  7. Offshore formation & offshore companies are legal and affordable
  8. There is no restriction on nationality for forming an offshore company
  9. There are no restrictions on foreign owned corporations
  10. There are no requirements to file annual Financial Statements
  11. There are no exchange controls
  12. General Meetings of Shareholders and Directors are not required
  13. It is not required to disclose ownership of an offshore company

We also provide the following services:

We provide a number of other professional services that our clients often find helpful when forming a company offshore.

If you're interested in forming an offshore company and would like to discuss how we may be able to assist you please contact us via offshore@cgincorporations.com.

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