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  • Tax and Accounting Services - Corporate
    CG Incorporations are expert Tax Consultants & Certified Accountants providing expert UK tax and non-uk residents accounting services for limited companies.
  • How Much Corporation Tax Does a UK Company Pay - Blog
    Corporation tax is a tax on the profits of companies. In the UK, the main rate of corporation tax is 25%. However, there are some different rates for certain types of companies and profits.
  • How does VAT work in the UK - Blog
    Value Added Tax (VAT) is a type of consumption tax that is added to most goods and services sold in the UK. The standard rate of VAT is 20%, but there are also reduced rates of 5% and 0%.
  • Why register for VAT as a UK company director? - Blog
    VAT (value added tax) is a tax that businesses charge on the sale of goods and services in the UK. If you are a company director or shareholder, you may be wondering whether you need to register for VAT, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing so.
  • Offshore Company Formation - Corporate
    CG Incorporations offer you low cost Offshore Company Formation in all jurisdictions. We are professionals in Offshore Company Registration.
  • Sitemap - Corporate
    CG Incorporations offer professional Company Formation Services, Nominee Director Services and non-UK resident formation services.
  • Registering a company for VAT in the UK - Blog
    If you are thinking about registering your company for VAT, there are a few things that you need to know and do.
  • Ireland Company Formation - Corporate
    CG Incorporations can help you with Ireland Company Registration and Offshore Formation. Ireland company offers a low corporate tax rate of 12.5 percent.
  • Why Forming a UK Limited Company is Beneficial - Blog
    A limited company is a type of business structure that offers its owners a number of benefits, including limited liability, tax efficiency, and professional credibility.
  • Why Using a Nominee Director and Shareholder to Form Your UK Company is a Good Idea - Blog
    When forming a UK company, many business owners choose to use a nominee director and shareholder. This can be a good way to protect your privacy and assets, and it can also be helpful for tax planning purposes.
  • Seychelles IBC Formation - Corporate
    CG Incorporations provide Seychelles Company Formation. Seychelles IBCs are exempt from all taxes and stamp duties, form your Seychelles offshore company.
  • UK Company Formation - Corporate
    As a Companies House authorised formation agent, we can ensure your UK Company Formation is simple & your Ltd Company setup ready to trade. Register Company UK with bank account & London registered office address.
  • VAT Registration - Corporate
    Register your business for VAT with HMRC if your turnover exceeds the VAT threshold of £85,000. We can register your business for VAT & obtain EORI number.
  • Why do companies use special purpose vehicles? - Blog
    A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a legal entity that is created by a parent company for a specific purpose, such as undertaking a risky project, securitizing assets, or raising capital.
  • Special Purpose Vehicles - Corporate
    Special Purpose Vehicles SPV's are companies/legal entities created for a specific purpose & can help businesses mitigate risks, secure assets, create Joint Ventures & acquire investment.
  • Blog - Corporate
    CG Incorporations blog for UK company formation, nominee directors, business start-ups, tax, corporate services, offshore company formation and more.
  • How to start a business in the UK as a foreigner - Blog
    A guide on how to start a business in the UK as a foreigner, from registering your company to opening a business bank account.
  • Singapore Company Formation - Corporate
    Our Singapore Company Formation Packages cover all legal requirements to incorporate a Singapore private limited company for foreign individuals or foreign companies and include Singapore nominee directors or Employment Pass Visas.
  • Non Resident Registration - Corporate
    If you are a non-UK resident & want to form a UK company we can help. We are the best company formation agents and experts in UK company registration for non residents.
  • About Us - Corporate
    We are a Company Formation Agent in the UK providing Company Registration for UK Limited Companies.
  • UK Nominee Company Secretarial Services - Corporate
    We provide Nominee Company Secretarial Services for UK companies and non-resident directors, our nominee secretary services ensure corporate compliance.
  • Can a Non-Resident Start a Business in the UK - Blog
    The UK is a popular destination for businesses of all sizes, and non-residents are just as welcome to start a business there as UK residents, form your UK company today.
  • How to Form a UK Company as a US Resident: A Step-by-Step Guide - Blog
    Are you a US resident looking to expand your business horizons by setting up a company in the UK? With the right guidance, you can have your UK company up and running in no time.
  • When it's a good idea to form a limited company - Blog
    A limited company is a type of business structure that has its own legal identity, separate from its owners (shareholders) and managers (directors).
  • Why start a UK company as a foreign entrepreneur? - Blog
    The UK is one of the most attractive and welcoming destinations for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a business.
  • Forming a UK company as a non-resident - Blog
    How can you form a UK company as a non-resident? What are the requirements, costs, and steps involved, find out here.
  • What are the benefits for non-UK residents of registering a LTD company in the UK? - Blog
    Registering a LTD company in the UK as a non-UK resident can offer many benefits for entrepreneurs and investors who want to access the UK market and enjoy its favourable business environment.
  • Forming a UK company as a non-UK resident - Blog
    If you are a non-UK resident and you want to form a UK company, there are a few things you need to know to get started.
  • How to register as an overseas company - Blog
    By registering as an overseas company, you can benefit from the UK's favourable business environment, access to markets, and legal protection.
  • What is a nominee shareholder - Blog
    A nominee shareholder is a person who holds shares on behalf of another person, the beneficial owner. Nominee shareholders are used to provide anonymity for the beneficial owner.
  • Can Non-UK Residents Form a UK Company? - Blog
    Yes, non-UK residents can form a UK company. There are no restrictions on nationality or location when forming a limited company in the UK. This means that anyone, regardless of where they live, can register a UK company.
  • What is a company formation agent - Blog
    A company formation agent is an independent company that helps new businesses form their companies with Companies House, the official registrar of companies in the UK.
  • 5 mistakes to avoid when forming a non-uk resident company - Blog
    Are you considering forming a company in the UK as a non-resident? While this can be a great opportunity for expanding your business operations, there are a few common mistakes that many non-UK residents make.
  • When to use nominee services for your company - Blog
    Nominee services are a type of service that allows you to appoint a third party to act as a director, shareholder, or secretary of your company, instead of using your own name and details.
  • Setting Up a UK Company as a Non-Resident Entrepreneur - Blog
    Find out everything you need to know about starting a UK company as a non-resident entrepreneur and the benefits and challenges of forming your own UK company from overseas.
  • Why You Should Form a UK Company as a Non-Resident - Blog
    The United Kingdom is a global business hub, with a strong economy, a stable political system, and a well-developed legal system. This makes it an attractive place to form a company, even if you are a non-UK resident.
  • Why use nominee services to form your company - Blog
    If you are planning to start a business in the UK, you may have heard of the term 'nominee services'. But what are they, and why would you need them?
  • Can I Set Up a Limited Company if I Have a Criminal Record - Blog
    If you have a criminal record, you may be wondering if you can set up a limited company. The good news is that, in most cases, you can.
  • Starting a UK Limited Company as a Non-UK Resident - Blog
    If you are a non-UK resident and you want to start a UK limited company, you can definitely do it! There are no restrictions on non-UK residents starting UK limited companies.
  • How to Set Up a Business from a Hobby - Blog
    Many people have hobbies that they enjoy and excel at, but what if you could turn your hobby into a profitable business? This is a simple guide on how to start a business doing what you love.
  • Due Diligence Requirements - Corporate
    CG Incorporations Limited is MLR registered with HMRC and can help you form your UK limited company, due diligence is required.
  • Why Use a Nominee Director for Your Offshore Company? - Blog
    If you are planning to set up an offshore company, you may have heard of the term "nominee director". Nominee Directors can provide your offshore company with many advantages.
  • Why Form a UK Company During Tough Economic Times - Blog
    Find out why forming a UK company during tough economic times is not only a good idea, but can make it easier to succeed.
  • Why register a UK company from overseas using a nominee director - Blog
    Registering a UK company from overseas can involve some challenges & complexities, nominee director services can help you make your company formation process much easier.
  • Why Use a Nominee Director as a Non-UK Resident? - Blog
    If you are a non-UK resident there are many reasons why you might want to use a nominee director to form your UK company.
  • Nominee Director - Corporate
    We provide Company Formation with Nominee Director and Nominee Director Services for company owners wanting anonymity or identity protection and for non-UK resident company registration where a UK Resident Director is required.
  • How to Form a UK Company as a Non-UK Resident - Blog
    The United Kingdom is a popular destination for businesses of all sizes, and non-UK residents can also form UK companies.
  • Nominee Director Services: What They Are and Why You Need Them - Blog
    If you are looking for a way to protect your privacy, enhance your business image, or comply with local regulations, you may want to consider using nominee director services.
  • Quickly Form a UK Company from Overseas as a Non-Resident - Blog
    If you are looking for a way to start a business in the UK, but you are not a resident or citizen of the country, you might be wondering how to form a UK company from overseas quickly and easily.
  • Why Forming a UK Company as a Non-Resident is a Good Idea - Blog
    The United Kingdom is one of the most attractive and profitable places to do business in the world. Even if you are a Non-UK resident you can still form a UK company and access the UK marketplace.
  • Non UK Resident Business Bank Account - Corporate
    CG Incorporations provide UK Company Formation for Non-Residents with Bank Account, if you need a UK bank account for non-residents for your company contact us.
  • The Trends and Opportunities for Small Businesses in 2024 and Beyond - Blog
    Explore some of the key trends and opportunities for businesses in 2024 and how to form a company that can leverage them.
  • How to Turn Your Passion into Your Primary Income - Blog
    Do you have a passion that you love so much that you could do it all day long? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people around the world dream of turning their passion into their primary source of income.
  • How Nominee Shareholder Services Can Protect Your Privacy and Assets - Blog
    Nominee shareholder services are a type of corporate service that can help you maintain your anonymity and confidentiality as a business owner or investor.
  • The differences and similarities between nominee directors and shareholders - Blog
    Nominee directors and shareholders are two types of representatives that can be appointed by the owners or stakeholders of a company but they serve different functions.
  • London Registered Office Address - Corporate
    London registered office address for UK companies and non-UK residents with mail forwarding service, London director service address.
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